Accelerate Document-Driven Workflows with Touchless Automation

Transform your mortgage and financial processes with SoftWorks AI

The winning trifecta for today’s mortgage companies:
Speed, accuracy, and minimal human touch.

To thrive and survive in a chaotic market, you need purpose-built mortgage technology that lets you work faster – with greater precision and fewer people in the mix. With touchless mortgage automation, it’s your race to win.

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Work faster and boost accuracy with intelligent mortgage automation

We’re helping leading mortgage services providers work faster, smarter, and more
effectively. How can intelligent mortgage automation help you?

Solutions across the mortgage lifecycle

Mortgage Originators

Mortgage Originators

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Mortgage Insurers

Mortgage Insurers

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Mortgage Servicers

Mortgage Servicers

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Mortgage Solution Providers

Mortgage Solution Providers

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Increase in underwriter productivity


Data accuracy


Reduction in processing time


Reduction in manual document review


Decrease in manual data entry


Increase in the number of documents that can be auto-approved

Our solutions help you:

  • Slash turnaround times
  • Cut costs
  • Increase accuracy
  • Free skilled employees for higher-value work
  • Scale quickly to meet changing business demand
  • Simplify integration with other business systems

We’re more than just another software company

Born from an academic AI lab, we’re constantly discovering innovative new ways to apply computer vision, AI, and machine learning to mortgage process automation. We know that too many AI vendors over-promise and under-deliver. But SoftWorks AI is different – we deliver everything we promise, helping you use intelligent technologies to achieve critical business outcomes.


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Customer proof

“Using the SoftWorks AI solution has been a huge competitive advantage. It allows us to compete with best-in-class turn times. When our employees began to work from home last year, our volumes increased. Many of our competitors couldn’t keep up, but we didn’t struggle at all.”

George ReichertCIO of Enact Mortgage Insurance

“There's lots of room for innovation and improvement throughout the mortgage process and SoftWorks AI is leading the way forward. Their intelligent automation solutions drastically reduce processing times while maintaining the high degree of accuracy that is so crucial in this industry.”

Auvese PashaCEO of Avanze TechLabs

SoftWorks AI by the numbers

  • Founded in 2017
  • 25 person-years of AI R&D expertise applied to mortgage processing
  • 50+ clients, including today’s leading mortgage industry companies
  • 40 published papers and numerous patents related to imaging, machine learning, and document automation
  • Millions of loans processed annually
  • Billions of documents processed annually