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SoftWorks AI

Our Mission: to Enhance Business Processing Efficiency Through Automation

SoftWorks AI is dedicated to helping businesses enhance operational efficiency by providing state-of-the-art computer vision and automation solutions. We strive to leverage our deep expertise in computer perception, OCR and AI technologies to convert raw information into actionable insight, equipping knowledge workers with the means to drive business value faster and more intelligently.

We are artificial intelligence and machine learning experts with proven solutions that automate and optimize business processes. SoftWorks AI possesses deep vertical knowledge coupled with advanced technologies to drive substantial ROI. We also have a diverse client base including many Fortune 500 companies. Read more about our leadership team here.

Why Choose SoftWorks AI?

AI-Enabled Document Automation

Our Trapeze solutions come equipped with powerful machine learning capabilities to increase processing accuracy over time.

Innovation, Flexibility, and Expertise

Our team has years of experience providing creative automation solutions to complex document processing problems within ROI needs.

Dedicated, In-House Support

Based in New York City, our SoftWorks AI support team provides rapid, reliable support from evaluation to installation and renewal, and at every step in between.

Powerful, Highly Accurate OCR Engine

Leveraging image pre-processing, a voting engine, and more, our OCR engine delivers very high recognition accuracy rates to enable more effective, touchless automation.

Configurable Business Rules Specific to Your Organization

Auto-validate data and documents based on your unique business rules.

Adaptable to Your Organization's Size and Needs

Using a volume model, our pricing works with your needs. We also offer Trapeze for Enterprise to allow for advanced workflow control for clients who need it.