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How Artificial Intelligence is Used Today

Most of us engage with artificial intelligence daily and often do not even realize it. Amazon Alexa, Pandora and Netflix, to name a few, all leverage AI technology to learn more about user profiles and preferences. These AI-based systems then use this knowledge to deliver a more personalized experience based on learned patterns of behavior.

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Understanding the Basics of Artificial Intelligence for Business

With all the recent talk about artificial intelligence, machine learning and robots taking over the world, the terminology can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot of misinformation on these topics and unless you have a PhD in Computer Science, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. You’re probably wondering what artificial intelligence (AI) is on a practical level and how it will impact you and possibly your career. So let’s set the record straight on what exactly AI is (and isn’t).

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How PII Redaction Automation Helps with GDPR Requirements

As one of the strongest regulations ever to reach Europe, global organizations must grapple with the new reality of data privacy under GDPR.

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Improving HR Efficiency with Automation

Sarah in human resources consistently juggles between onboarding new hires, keeping pace with ever-changing compliance

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How Automation Improves Loan Processing Speed

Processing a loan application involves sifting through hundreds of pages and understanding many different mortgage

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How Can Capture Technology Drive Down Cost PMPM for Health Insurance Companies?


It’s no secret that automated document classification and data extraction can mean big savings for insurance companies.

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