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Mission to Automate the Knowledge Worker

SoftWorks AI has always sought to push the world of business toward the paperless office. This is a vision of efficiency, in which our clients are freed from the clutter and chaos of stacks of paper, while still benefiting from the information contained in their critical business documents.

Now, our company is ripe for reaching even further to include knowledge worker automation in our inherent mission. SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze solutions enable organizations to automate document processing, including document types such as invoices, tax forms, mortgage documents, and more. With high data extraction accuracy rates, an auto-validation tool, and superb document classification and assembly rates, our Trapeze solutions are fueling SoftWorks AI’s rise as a leading provider of an extremely disruptive technology.

The onset of knowledge worker automation will allow organizations to utilize their valuable human capital more efficiently as data entry and processing tasks are handled by automated solutions. SoftWorks AI is excited to blaze the trail forward for the newfound efficiencies that can help our clients’ businesses succeed.

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