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Data Privacy Day with redaction

Our Thoughts on Data Privacy Day

Happy Data Privacy Day! The National Cyber Security Alliance created a day in January 2008 to raise awareness towards better cybersecurity. Starting at 2 p.m. today, the NCSA will host educational sessions around data privacy, which can be streamed for free here.

At SoftWorks AI, we embrace data security. Many of our clients handle a massive amount of sensitive information. As a result, they need to keep redact client data secure. 

What is redaction?

Redaction is the act of obscuring text to fulfil legal requirements or to keep text containing PII covered for security reasons. There are several digital solutions out there that cover the text with a black rectangle or something else. However, redaction is often costly and requires a lot of manual labor.

Why redaction is important

As the NCSA suggests, businesses should strive to build a culture of cybersecurity that enables protection with employees and customers. But the onus needs to start at the top. C-Suite executives and key decision-makers need to take the lead in data privacy by investing in state-of-the-art redaction technology.

AI-powered redaction

Thanks to the advent of AI, businesses can redact PII faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before. Automated redaction is more flexible than other types of redaction tools and can handle any document type. 

In addition, it provides greater accuracy by cross-validating different redaction fields. This accuracy is possible because AI can handle probabilistic relationships and data ambiguity within a file.

By using an AI tool for data redaction on critical files, companies can take a significant step towards becoming leaders in data privacy. As a result, they can improve customer trust by ensuring their data stays protected.

Hope everyone finds Data Privacy Day insightful! To learn more about how data redaction helps with data privacy, contact us today for a free consultation.

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