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A Brief Overview on the History of Artificial Intelligence

Did you know that artificial intelligence has been around since World War II? Academics have long attempted to build machines that can process as well as a human. However, today’s AI is still relatively young.

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Artificial Intelligence in Banking: Why It’s Not the Magic Bullet

American Banker recently published an interesting article on how some banks are still years away from full adoption of artificial intelligence. The article speaks to the larger challenge of banks trying to adopt AI in all facets of their business, without understanding the potential pitfalls.

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Creating a Business Case for Automated Invoice Processing

Accounts payable departments experience significant workflow disruptions due to an unmanageable amount of paperwork.

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Our Thoughts on Data Privacy Day

Happy Data Privacy Day! The National Cyber Security Alliance created a day in January 2008 to raise awareness towards better cybersecurity. Starting at 2 p.m. today, the NCSA will host educational sessions around data privacy, which can be streamed for free here.

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What is the Accounts Payable Process Flow?

In today’s world of invoice processing, speed is king. Early payment discounts can save accounts payable teams thousands of dollars and allow companies to receive more favorable payment terms from other vendors.

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The Future of Robotic Process Automation

Businesses are constantly searching for ways to drive revenue, cut costs and increase efficiencies. There are many options that companies can leverage to achieve these goals but there is one in particular that is getting a tremendous amount of attention - RPA. Robotic process automation software is the new darling of IT and business leaders alike, but why?

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