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SoftWorks AI Wraps Up Spring Trade Show Season

It’s been a busy few weeks for the SoftWorks AI team. On April 15-17, we attended the MBA Tech show in Detroit with leading banks and mortgage companies to learn about new industry challenges related to technology.

The show featured sessions related to developments on mortgage trends as it relates to robotic processes, cybersecurity, blockchain and much more. The MBA Tech Expo opened with Billy Beane, former minority owner of the Oakland Athletics, who discussed strategies for implementing “Moneyball tactics” within the mortgage space.

The show also featured Bill Emerson, vice chairman at Quicken who explained that data acquisition is creating a necessity for AI in today’s environment.

To showcase the possibilities of AI in mortgage, our solutions architect Ethan Agai discussed the key pain points of the mortgage industry and how automation can generate business results with faster results at a lower cost.

By automating the loan process, Ethan described how loan packets can be approved or denied quickly without creating a long wait period for the customer.


Ari Gross Participates in Machine Learning, Banking Panels at AI Congress

The SoftWorks team ventured west to Las Vegas last week to meet with leaders in the artificial intelligence space. Our CEO Ari Gross spoke on two panels among a list of speakers from the likes of Uber, TIAA and Capital One.

In his first panel, Ari discussed the application of AI within the banking and finance space. He spoke to the audience about the importance of having high accuracy rates when extracting data from banking documents in order to eliminate the need for a human review process.

On Day 2 of AI Congress, Ari spoke on a panel to discuss where technology meets machine learning. The panel touched on topics such as creating personal customer experiences without seeming creepy and how machine learning improves the ability for a bot to perform various functions.

Ari mentioned on the panel how machine learning drastically eliminates human touch. In fact, tools with machine learning capabilities allows users to achieve at least a 90 percent accuracy rate on highly repetitive tasks.

The show was an ideal opportunity to learn about how other companies are tackling their challenges through AI and explore potential partnerships.

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