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What You Need to Know About OCR

Optical character recognition (OCR) can be traced as far back as a century when Emanuel Goldberg developed a machine that helped the blind read characters through telegraphic code. Since then, OCR has evolved into many applications for both businesses and consumers.

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Improving HR Efficiency with Automation

Sarah in human resources consistently juggles between onboarding new hires, keeping pace with ever-changing compliance

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How Automation Improves Loan Processing Speed

Processing a loan application involves sifting through hundreds of pages and understanding many different mortgage document types.  

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How Can Capture Technology Drive Down Cost PMPM for Health Insurance Companies?


It’s no secret that automated document classification and data extraction can mean big savings for insurance companies.

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What Does Mortgage Automation Mean for the Customer Experience?

How does mortgage automation translate into better customer relationships? Mortgage automation means faster loan processing.

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Improve Your Workflow with Automated Document Classification


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