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TOPBOTS Releases Essential Landscape of AI Companies

TOPBOTS, a research and advisory firm focused on artificial intelligence technologies, released The Essential Landscape of Enterprise AI Companies for 2018-19. Enterprise companies make up a $3.4 trillion market worldwide with AI taking up an increasingly larger share.

Many enterprise companies use a variety of automated data sciences, which include machine learning and deep learning to perform tasks such as process automation and predictive analytics.

As part of its research, TOPBOTS studied companies that work within finance and operations departments to include the back office, forecasting, and accounting. Companies in this space are automating operations like forms processing and data extraction. TOPBOTS notes that tools in this space create immediate returns for companies because of the repetitious nature and volume of paperwork involved in financial services tasks.

SoftWorks AI was mentioned as one of the companies automating these types of tasks. If you're wondering how we automate tasks for companies in financial services, contact us to learn more.

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