A global financial technology company with a diverse range of clients wanted to automatically redact credit card numbers in order to comply with the PCI DSS. The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a standard that regulates any organization working with cardholder information. To stay up to industry standards, companies were beginning to protect the credit card numbers on all documents that they received from clients. This new standard and the need to stay PCI compliant led the company to look for a robust and cost effective automated redaction solution that could be implemented across multiple servers.


The company decided to purchase a license of SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze to redact credit card data from 70 million pages. SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze is an automated redaction solution powered by a highly accurate OCR engine. SoftWorks AI’s support team, based in the US, assisted with the implementation of the software in real-time.


With SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze, the company was able to meet all of its standards and remain PCI compliant. The software was highly accurate, capable of recognizing and redacting the credit card numbers off of a large quantity of data. Unlike similar products, Trapeze provides the highest amount of security by both redacting and completely eliminating the underlying text. The credit card numbers are thus properly protected, in full compliance with the PCI DSS. SoftWorks AI’s support team helped implement the software across multiple servers for the most efficient execution of this software solution.


Automate redaction of credit card numbers Trapeze fully automated the redaction of credit card numbers, streamlining the process and reducing the need for manual intervention.
Obtain redaction solution that provides maximum accuracy and security Trapeze operated with high accuracy and fully removed text underneath redacted areas for maximum security.
Implement redaction solution across three servers SoftWorks AI’s support team helped implement Trapeze across all necessary servers.
Comply with standards set by the PCI DSS The level of protection delivered by Trapeze allowed the company to remain in compliance with the PCI DSS.