An international accounting firm wanted to leverage cutting edge technology to improve their business by automating certain tax forms. These forms included a standard, fixed page as well as additional supplementary pages that had unfixed formats. The firm had a team of analysts whose duties included manually keying in the data from the tax forms. This data had to be compiled in a specific Excel format in accordance with the firm’s business rules. The high volume of tax forms made this a time consuming task, limiting the amount of analysis the employees could conduct. Realizing that its manual method of tax forms processing was inefficient, the firm looked for a software solution that could automate forms processing while adhering to their business rules.


The firm evaluated a few automation solutions before deciding that SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze for Forms Processing was the best fit. Unlike other software providers, SoftWorks AI was able to fully customize its solution to meet the firm’s specific needs. The firm purchased a license of Trapeze to process up to 10 million pages per year.


SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze for Forms Processing proved to be the ideal solution for the firm. Trapeze was able to automatically recognize and extract the data from the tax forms. It had no difficulty extracting data from the unfixed, supplementary pages, and even output the data into the exact Excel format that the firm wanted. The powerful OCR engine within Trapeze ensured that recognition was consistently accurate. With the tax forms automated, the team of analysts no longer had to perform manual data entry and could instead concentrate on analyzing the data. Automating its tax forms allowed the firm to reduce costs and increase the productivity of its employees.


Reduce manual data entry costs The company repurposed data entry workers to more value-adding positions, reducing costs related to manual data entry.
Automate tax forms processing Trapeze fully automated and accelerated tax forms processing.
Implement solution capable of extracting data from unfixed forms Trapeze was able to accurately recognize and extract data from unfixed forms.
Output tax data in format that conforms to business rules After recognition and extraction, the software output the data into an Excel form that followed specific business rules.
Increase productivity of employees Automation allowed employees to dedicate more of their time to data analysis and other value-adding tasks.