A law firm that specializes in the loan industry required an automated redaction solution to redact their image documents. The firm received around a hundred loan documents a day, all of which contained sensitive information such as client names, social security numbers, and loan numbers. Although the firm had data entry employees perform manual redaction on the documents it was a slow and costly method. The documents needed to be processed at a quicker rate, which could only be achieved through automation software.


The law firm licensed Trapeze with redaction to redact up to 25,000 image documents a month. Trapeze is automation software capable of processing documents with high recognition rates. The firm also licensed PdfCompressor with OCR to process 25,000 pages. PdfCompressor is a versatile compression and OCR solution that produces user-friendly PDFs.


Using SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze, the law firm was able to automatically redact their loan documents quickly and accurately. The software was able to accurately redact the specified data even though none of the documents followed a consistent format. Trapeze recognized and redacted the information correctly in less time than the previous method of manual redaction. Besides its high accuracy, another distinguishing feature is its ability to completely remove the underlying text for fully secure redaction. Complemented with PdfCompressor, the law firm was able to create compressed, searchable documents that were properly protected.


Decrease reliance on manual data work. SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze provided a fully automated redaction solution that minimized the need for manual redaction and reduced related expenses.
Improve accuracy rates of redaction. With its OCR engine, Trapeze was able to accurately recognize and redact the correct information.
Perform secure and reliable redaction. Trapeze redacts content and fully removes underlying text so that it is truly concealed, protecting sensitive client information.
Reduce the size of large files. PdfCompressor was able to achieve high compression ratios and reduce files to their minimum size, making them easier to open, access, transmit and store.
Produce text searchable files. PdfCompressor was able to create fully text searchable files, improving accessibility of information.