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Furniture Distributor Improves Invoice Processing with Automated EDI Export into Salesforce CRM

By July 28, 2019August 2nd, 2021Case Studies, Trapeze for Invoice Processing

Business Challenge

A furniture distributor was seeking an automated solution to help make their invoice processing workflow more efficient. Before discovering SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze for Invoice Processing, the firm would print invoices from their inbox in order to manually input the data into their CRM system, Salesforce. This labor-intensive workflow was costly, slow, and error-prone as workers handled high volumes of invoices each week.


In order to combat these inefficiencies, the firm sought an automated invoice processing solution that could connect with their CRM setup. Initially, the distribution company entertained a product which offered limited, template-based extraction at a very high price tier. They continued their search and landed on SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze for Invoice Processing, a highly accurate invoice data extraction tool not limited by template-only recognition. Critically, Trapeze also offered the capability of EDI integration with their CRM setup, enabling the firm to automatically export invoice data directly into Salesforce.


The furniture distributor currently extracts data from 2,000 invoices per month with SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze for Invoice Processing. With a successful EDI integration into Salesforce, Trapeze has made the overall accounts payable process easier by automating unnecessary steps in the previous, manual workflow. In the first months following deployment, the firm is already noticing improvements in the speed and accuracy of their invoice workflow, successfully automating data extraction for 90% of their invoices. With Trapeze’s sophisticated machine learning capabilities, the distributor expects to see even greater invoice data accuracy rates over time. This enables faster invoice processing and an accelerated time to value as automation rates increase.


Objective Benefits Achieved
Eliminate manual steps in the AP process with EDI Integration into Salesforce. Trapeze automatically exports extracted data fields from invoices directly into Salesforce.
Find an invoice processing solution that met the client’s needs within their target budget. Trapeze offers a volume-based pricing structure that was less restrictive and more affordable than the competing product. Trapeze was able to satisfy all of the client’s project requirements at this lower price point.
Improve speed, accuracy and ease of invoice processing. Trapeze automatically extracted invoice data with 90% accuracy, reducing the need for manual labor. This minimized human error while increasing the speed of the workflow.
Continue to improve workflow efficiencies over time. Machine learning enables Trapeze to increase automation rates, accelerating time to value (ROI) for the client.
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