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What is PDF OCR?

PDF OCR software can recognize text content within PDF files. OCR software in general is designed to identify text within image files, such as scanned documents. PDF OCR is specific to PDF files, though some types of OCR software can work with different file formats. OCR software can make PDF files searchable and editable, even if the text content is within an image.

Using PDF OCR for invoices

PDF OCR can be applied to the processing of invoices. When you receive an invoice, you can review the content on your own, or you can use software to do everything for you. With the help of an OCR engine, invoice processing software can recognize the text within an invoice, extract it from the scanned document, and enter it into a convenient format for you to view. This is helpful for processing large groups of invoices at once.

Software for invoice OCR

The best software for invoice OCR is a document automation solution from SoftWorks AI called Trapeze. Trapeze is able to work with different levels of image quality, and is extremely accurate in the results that it delivers. It is an ideal solution for extracting information from scanned PDF files such as invoices. To learn more about Trapeze and find out if it is the right solution for your needs, contact SoftWorks AI.

Softworks AI

Softworks AI

SoftWorks AI is dedicated to creating best-in-class intelligent automation solutions to automate document-driven workflows with minimal to no humans-in-the-loop. Using computer vision, AI, and machine learning, we’re able to analyze and understand hundreds of mortgage and financial documents with extreme accuracy.