Reduce the need for manual data entry with our automatic data extraction software. Using advanced computer vision techniques, Trapeze helps you reliably extract tables, graphs, and images, even from difficult-to-read content. Using Trapeze’s cross-validation technology, the software verifies correctness and consistency of data fields across documents.

Deliver optimum

The data extraction software uses sophisticated computer perception technology to understand every element of a file, maximizing accuracy and confidence in your data. Using proprietary data capture and classification technologies to focus and improve the data extraction process, our image processing software enhances skewed, watermarked, low-contrast, or otherwise non-clear documents, enabling the highest possible accuracy.

Process all
data types

Our advanced machine learning and computer vision technology handles structured and unstructured data – turning raw data into structured, actionable intelligence.


Trapeze automated data extraction software helps you:

  • Eliminate manual data entry – Remove humans from the process by automatically pulling data from documents and passing it directly into an enterprise system.
  • Improve the speed, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy of business processing – Process documents faster than ever while eliminating human error.
  • Support end-to-end automation – Turn digital and captured documents into clear, actionable data with automated data extraction.