Automate the classification, data extraction, and processing of documents, images, and other files with our optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Traditional OCR solutions are overly sensitive to image distortion and identify characters individually and without context. But our OCR technology incorporates advanced computer vision techniques to create a complete data capture solution that minimizes or eliminates manual data entry

Capture data, accurately
and efficiently

By using a sophisticated voting engine that combines the results of several data capture and recognition techniques, our OCR technology identifies even hard-to-read text. Computer vision allows our engine to extract non-textual information from images. Advanced preprocessing techniques allow the engine to analyze and manipulate information, improving the quality of images before they are processed. By removing blank pages and detecting existing text layers within a document or image, the technology eliminates recognition errors and vastly improves performance speed.

Understand information
in context

Complex computer vision algorithms help the data capture software analyze and understand each processed page on a deeper level than legacy OCR solutions. Instead of scanning for shapes and matching them to known characters and words, our computer vision technology considers every feature of an image or document – from color contrasts to co-linear structures – to more effectively understand each pixel. The engine also understands tables, graphs, images, and other content types that typical OCR solutions cannot.


Our OCR engine accelerates and increases the accuracy of data capture. With this technology, you can:

  • Maximize OCR accuracy – Improve document quality before processing using our document imaging expertise.
  • Capture new document types – Process complex batches of documents from various input sources, including scanned images, digital documents, and complex hybrids.
  • Increase touchless automation – Enable higher-quality data extraction and classification with automation and improved OCR accuracy for a faster, more efficient workflow.