Ari Gross
CEO and Co-founder

Dr. Gross has been very active in the research and development of new methods and technologies in the areas of computer vision, imaging, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time computing. Over the last two decades, he has published more than 40 papers and been awarded several patents in areas related to imaging, machine learning, and document automation. Dr. Gross managed his previous company from its initial focus on image compression and OCR to its shift over the last several years toward business process automation. After a successful exit, Dr. Gross launched SoftWorks AI to address the needs of the explosive knowledge worker automation market. Dr. Gross received a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in computer science from Columbia University.

Thomas Wuensch

Thomas is focused on operational excellence at SoftWorks AI. He is responsible for all global business development and marketing functions – including sales, product marketing, demand generation, digital marketing, social media, and corporate partnerships. Over the past 20 years, Thomas has held leadership positions in several companies and he has a deep focus on information management and data governance.

Alison Wasserman
Executive Vice President of Finance and HR and Co-founder

Alison was instrumental in establishing SoftWorks AI. In addition to her responsibilities as HR and Operations Officer, Alison is responsible for GAAP compliance and has expertise in deferred software revenue recognition.

Navdeep Tinna
Senior Vice President of Product Development

Navdeep is responsible for research at SoftWorks AI. Navdeep and his team have developed purpose-built intelligent capture and automation solutions that are being used in domains such as invoice, mortgage, and tax processing. Through his efforts, SoftWorks AI has significantly improved the business efficiency of many Fortune 500 companies using AI and machine learning technologies. He holds a Masters’ degree in computer science from Columbia University with a focus on computer graphics and computer vision.

Paras Rana
Director of Technical Support

Paras is responsible for customer excellence and leads the IT/Product support and QA departments. He ensures that all targeted technical customer service and performance standards are achieved or exceeded. His team is focused on delivering a world-class customer experience.

Mark Finkel
Chief Strategy Officer

Over a period of the past twenty-five years, Mark has worked with high-growth technology companies in Silicon Valley, the East Coast and Israel, resulting in four IPO’s and a number of M&A exits. Mark’s strengths are in strategic orientation as well as scalable, cost-effective operational execution. He brings his energy to rally the team around Company goals and to coordinate cross-functional planning and sequencing of operational investments. Mark believes that customer success makes company success. Mark thrives in a challenging environment and in working with a team of highly motivated and smart individuals. Mark has been a member of SoftworksAI’s Board of Directors since 2019/ Mark is also a Clinical Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University.

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