Automated Mortgage Processing

Using DOCS2DATA™ Technology SoftWorks AI is helping automate all aspects of the mortgage life cycle


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Many of today's OCR solutions fall short when it comes to delivering a true touchless mortgage automation solution. Trapeze for Mortgage Automation is the only solution that effectively combines artificial intelligence and computer vision to streamline mortgage operations. Our DOCS process is the only solution that can take humans out of the loop and achieve high rates of business process optimization. 
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Automating Mortgage Loan Processing

Manual mortgage loan packet processing is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error prone task. Financial institutions must hire skilled knowledge workers to organize, read, understand, and evaluate mortgage applications properly. At hundreds of pages each, processing these loan packets in high volumes can become exceedingly resource-intensive without an automation solution in place.

With SoftWorks AI’s sophisticated mortgage process automation software, packets can be assembled, classified, and prioritized in a streamlined manner with exceptional accuracy rates. In addition, Trapeze for Mortgage Processing extracts and auto-validates critical data from the loan packets so that users can approve or deny loan applications with as little time and effort possible, improving turnaround time and helping financial institutions acquire more profitable loans in an efficient manner.

Understanding Loans and Accurately Extracting Key Fields

SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze software understands mortgage loan processing. Tax records, driver’s license photos and other required documents can vary widely in file type, structure, and data field location. Trapeze can ingest numerous file types (.doc, .xps, .zip, .eml, etc.) and classify distinct documents (credit reports, loan applications, closing disclosures, etc.) into appropriate categories to create an organized, automated environment. Leveraging our DOCS2DATA solution data elements are reconciled for transactional consistency, to insure that the document to data process is as fully automated as possible, with little to no human intervention  Our ability to understand the entire loan packet fuels other functionalities in the mortgage life cycle such as cash flow analysis and income verification. This understanding enables our Automated Income Analysis and Verification module to dramatically improve underwriter productivity.

The automated mortgage loan procsess

Beyond automated classification, Trapeze is able to extract data from both structured and unstructured forms, such as 1003 loan application forms and credit reports, respectively. For document types with lower auto-validation rates, Trapeze utilizes a sophisticated machine learning algorithm to consistently return better results, translating to a clear ROI over time. With this flexibility, Trapeze delivers a reliable automation solution that scales with financial institutions’ workloads and integrates seamlessly into existing workflows.


Accelerate Loan Processing Speed

Cut loan packet processing time by as much as 96% with automated data extraction and classification of loan documents.

Minimize Labor Costs

Significantly reduce manual data entry and free up time and resources to be used on higher value tasks.

Reliably Classify, Assemble, and Extract Data from Loan Packets

Using our highly accurate OCR recognition engine, maximize touchless automation rates for mortgage loan processing.

Trapeze for Mortgage Processing in the Real World: A Client Case Study

A Fortune 500 financial institution was struggling to scale its manual method of processing mortgage documents for peak performance. Mortgage loan packet processing time lagged at over 2 hours each, on average. Its existing, manual processing method was slow, and left the organization unable to prioritize high-priority loans in an efficient and timely manner. In order to accelerate mortgage document processing speeds, this major financial institution turned to SoftWorks AI’s advanced mortgage loan automation software, Trapeze for Mortgage Processing.







Mortgage Analytics

The Trapeze Mortgage Analytics platform tracks every aspect of the mortgage automation workflow, providing our clients with real time data on the overall effectiveness of their operations. Mortgage Analytics can analyze thousands of data points to provide a holistic view of your system’s performance and pinpoint where additional productivity gains can be realized.  

Mortgage Automation Results

Through mortgage document automation, SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze software exceeded the organization’s requirements for a more efficient mortgage processing workflow, all while maintaining highly accurate data extraction rates. Our Trapeze solution enabled the organization to identify high-priority loans to be separated out and processed first. Critically, loan packet processing time was reduced from over 2 hours to under 5 minutes each, shattering the organization’s initial speed requisites to greatly accelerate their operations. Data field extraction accuracy rates were very high, and automated document assembly and classification rates were near-perfect. Trapeze was able to integrate seamlessly with the organization’s workflow to radically improve the speed and accuracy of the company’s mortgage loan processing system.

Goal Benefits Achieved
Reduce mortgage loan processing time from over 2 hours to under 20 minutes. SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze reduced loan packet processing time to under 5 minutes each.
Maintain processing quality with reliable accuracy rates. Automated data field extraction performed with very high accuracy rates.
Assemble and classify document types accurately. Automated document classification and assembly excelled with close to 100% accuracy.
Enable prioritization of loans with critical deadline requirements. Trapeze enabled employees to identify high-priority mortgage loans to be separated out and processed first.
Preserve ease of use within the organization’s existing mortgage loan workflow. Trapeze integrated seamlessly into the existing system for a single, simple workflow.