Automated Transcript Processing

Trapeze for Transcript Processing

Universities receive a tremendous number of student applications throughout the admissions period each year. Applications can be electronic or image-based and contain transcripts that differ widely in layout. Traditionally, information from the transcripts must be input manually into a higher ed. ERP system. For many universities, the sheer volume of transcripts makes this a time-intensive, expensive, and tedious task.

SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze for Transcript Processing enables universities to accelerate the admissions process through advanced transcript automation. Trapeze accurately recognizes course-level information despite the diversity of layouts. With Trapeze in place, transfer applications can be processed at a much faster rate, allowing universities to respond to applicants in a more timely manner. In addition, universities will reduce the costs associated with transcript data-entry and gain a real competitive advantage through automation.

automatic transcript data parsing

Accelerate The Admissions Process with Automation

SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze for Transcript Processing extracts data rapidly and accurately from student transcripts. This automated system eliminates the costs, error, and man-hours spent under a manual data-entry process. Universities utilizing Trapeze have been able to reduce the time spent on coding student transcripts from hours to minutes. In addition, our automated admissions solution has been shown to reduce onboarding time per student from weeks to days.

Highly Accurate OCR for More Automation

SoftWorks AI’s highly accurate multi-engine OCR enables organizations to leverage the most accurate data extraction software available. SoftWorks AI has an internal data extraction knowledge base of several thousand transcript types to reduce manual form setup and correction from day one. SoftWorks AI’s advanced OCR allows for more automation and translates to greater cost savings.


Significantly reduce onboarding time per student through automation

Using Trapeze allowed one client to reduce onboarding time per student from 5 weeks to just 3 days.

Achieve a quick ROI and repurpose employees for higher value tasks

By automating transcript processing, reduce costs associated with manual data entry and reallocate employees for higher impact roles.

Maintain competitive advantage with faster student response times

Make more students more likely to accept your admission offer by processing their transcripts faster and making an offer sooner.

Trapeze for Transcript Processing in the Real World: A Client Case Study

A national university with a large student body regularly receives a high number of transfer student applications, including CLEP scores and AP results. The manual data entry system originally in place was slow, labor-intensive and error-prone. Further, these long processing periods resulted in lost applicants to competing universities. In order to reduce costs and streamline application processing, the university decided to look for document automation software that was capable of recognizing and processing the different transcripts.

Goal Return on Investment
Increase revenue and maintain competitive advantage by responding to students quicker Increased productivity led to faster processing of transcripts, which allowed the university to admit students as quickly as possible. In the client’s business, admitting students quickly facilitates increased enrollment.
Repurpose full-time employees to save on costs Trapeze automated and accelerated the processing of transcripts, allowing for the elimination of two full-time positions. This saved over $100,000 on costs annually.
Reduce time spent coding student transcripts In lieu of manual data entry, Trapeze reduced coding time from 1 hour to 5 minutes.
Reduce overall onboarding time for new students Trapeze’s advanced data extraction solution accelerated the entire admissions process, reducing onboarding time per student from 5 weeks to just 3 days.