Automating Mortgage Compliance

Enabling Mortgage Compliance with Advanced Data Capture and Computer Vision Technology 

The DOCS2DATA™ product solution converts documents into actionable, intelligent data. Utilizing computer vision and machine perception technology, DOCS2DATA™ is capable of distilling all data elements within a transactional document to determine the initial, intermediate, and final terms of a transaction. The Trapeze DOCS2DATA™ product provides the highest level of touchless automation in the industry, with features optimized for mortgage lending compliance that include: automated versioning, cross-validation, and error correction. With our DOCS2DATA™ solution, data elements are reconciled for transactional consistency, insuring that the document to data process is as fully automated as possible, with little to no human intervention.

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Leverage Document Imaging Expertise to Maximize OCR Accuracy

With years of research and market experience, the SoftWorks AI team has developed numerous ways to improve the quality of documents before processing to maximize OCR accuracy.

Process Scanned Images, Digitally Born Documents, and Complex Hybrids

With our ability to identify and bypass recognition for existing text layers, Trapeze enables efficient processing of very complex batches of documents from various input sources.

Increase Touchless Automation and Take a Step Toward Digital Transformation

Higher OCR accuracy means higher quality data extraction and classification. It also reduces the need for manual intervention in the process, greatly increasing speed and reducing associated labor costs for an extremely efficient workflow.