Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

automating ocr processesEnabling Digital Transformation with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology

Accurate OCR technology enables businesses to recognize and more effectively automate the text information contained in their documents. Before our solutions can automate document processing, they rely on our OCR recognition engine to identify the document to be classified or the data to be extracted. With better OCR accuracy, an automation solution can extract more data without the need to pass it through a manual validation step. This minimizes data entry and maximizes the value organizations can obtain by utilizing document automation technologies like SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze.

Using a sophisticated voting engine and SoftWorks AI’s expertise in document imaging, our Trapeze OCR engine is tested and proven to locate difficult text often missed by competing solutions. The engine detects text within low resolution captured documents, documents containing multi-directional text, and documents containing low contrast color text.

Additionally, Trapeze utilizes advanced image processing techniques such as de-speckle, image cleaning, de-skew, rotate, resample, down-sample, up-sample, foreground/background separation, color inversion, smoothing, and auto-removal of blank pages to maximize OCR accuracy for more effective automation.

Efficiently Process Scanned Image Documents and Digitally Born Files

Uniquely, Trapeze users will be able to process digitally born documents much more efficiently. Whereas other solutions will render native PDF files to image and then re-OCR existing text, Trapeze will detect existing text layers and bypass the OCR phase, eliminating unnecessary recognition errors and greatly improving system performance speed in the process. This again leads to faster, more accurate data extraction and classification and helps Trapeze clients to realize a greater efficiency gain even in very complex document processing workflows.


Leverage Document Imaging Expertise to Maximize OCR Accuracy

With years of research and market experience, the SoftWorks AI team has developed numerous ways to improve the quality of documents before processing to maximize OCR accuracy.

Process Scanned Images, Digitally Born Documents, and Complex Hybrids

With our ability to identify and bypass recognition for existing text layers, Trapeze enables efficient processing of very complex batches of documents from various input sources.

Increase Touchless Automation and Take a Step Toward Digital Transformation

Higher OCR accuracy means higher quality data extraction and classification. It also reduces the need for manual intervention in the process, greatly increasing speed and reducing associated labor costs for an extremely efficient workflow.