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SoftWorks AI is transforming the way businesses handle document intensive workflows. Our technology is being used by some of the largest firms within the mortgage and tax industries primarily for one reason…accuracy. Our competitors provide generically applied solutions that deliver average results, while SoftWorks leverages decades of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence experience to craft industry-specific solutions that deliver real value
At SoftWorks, we firmly believe that good partnerships are force-multipliers, and that these partnerships must be mutually beneficial to thrive. To that end, we are fully committed to our partners’ successes and their ability to delight end customers and demonstrate strong ROI.

Partnering with SoftWorks is easy… we’ll be flexible and creative in our approach to structure an arrangement that complements your business model and delivers on the maxim – together, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Benefits of partnering
with SoftWorks AI

Market-leading, AI-enhanced computer vision technology
Accelerate your clients’ digital transformation journey using our next-generation touchless workflow automation.

Configurable technology solutions that are easy to build and sell
Drive more value to your client faster, enhancing your profits.

Multiple revenue opportunities
Take advantage of contracts that fit your business model and flexibility to match your client requirements. Share renewal annuities and follow-on client sales opportunities.

Just-in-time sales and technical training
Let us help you find and onboard customers.

The best customer support
See how we are committed to driving your customers’ satisfaction and ROI.

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Customer quote

“It's a very important part of our strategic plan to leverage technology such as automation, OCR, and RPA in our offerings. SoftWorks is a very valued partner in that sphere.”

Jeffrey HennonDirector of Product Management, Sourcepoint, Inc.

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