The best technology in the world can only take you so far. Whether it’s your phone, smart tv, or navigation system, no tool stands alone. To gain real value, technology must integrate with the solutions you already have.

That’s a conversation I’ve been having a lot lately with companies interested in intelligent mortgage automation. 

Decision-makers often get excited about the cool bells and whistles that some vendors promise. But when I ask them how a solution will integrate with their existing IT landscape, it becomes clear that executives aren’t getting the full story from those vendors.

Consider integration in your decision-making

Here’s the thing. Few companies in the mortgage industry are starting from scratch when they consider intelligent mortgage automation. Typically they’ve already deployed solutions such as loan origination software (LOS), an underwriting platform, and credit analysis applications, to name just a few. 

These existing solutions must integrate with any additional technology you deploy. That’s why it’s important to choose an intelligent mortgage automation solution that offers flexible, easy-to-use integration capabilities. 

The right features can help you quickly integrate mortgage automation technology into your IT landscape – helping you minimize disruption and avoid lengthy deployment projects, so you can shorten time to value.

Flexibility makes change easier

Most implementations fail because of the rigidity of the solution. It’s not uncommon for certain technologies to restrict your integration efforts to a specific approach. More often than not, it’s a proprietary method that must be customized for each integration. 

This my-way-or-the-highway method is a recipe for disruption – of your processes, the way people work, and your company’s efficiency. And disruption maximizes the need for change management and slows you from realizing the important benefits of the technology. 

Who needs that? 

Seek solutions with the right integration features 

To increase your chances for deployment success, look for an intelligent mortgage automation technology that can accommodate your integration needs. 

The best choice is a modern technology that facilitates integration by offering a wide variety of integration options. Ideally, the technology should allow you to pick the integration path that most closely matches your on-staff expertise. 

Here are some features that can help you simplify and streamline integration:

  • Support for application programming interfaces (APIs) such as REST. Advanced products support a robust set of APIs, helping you enable integration without substantial customization effort. Broad API support can help you focus your deployment efforts on configuration rather than reinventing the wheel for each new integration project. 
  • Prebuilt connectors. Sophisticated intelligent mortgage automation products offer prebuilt connectors to established solutions, such as your LOS. Because the vendor has done the work for you, these connectors accelerate integration to solutions within your existing IT landscape.   
  • Support for modern technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA). Companies that have invested advanced technologies such as RPA want to make the most of their expertise. Some intelligent mortgage solutions come with built-in support for this technology. By selecting a solution that can co-exist with your previous IT investments, you can drive further value from your existing technology spend. 

A focus on integration yields valuable benefits 

The value of choosing the right integration capabilities is clear – for both your business and IT. 

Flexible integration features help you deploy intelligent mortgage automation solutions – quickly, efficiently, and accurately. A faster, smarter deployment means your business realizes the value of your solution that much sooner.

Advanced integration features allow your IT team to stay within its comfort zone – using solutions that make use of their existing knowledge and skills. Advanced solutions also help you avoid disrupting your internal IT workstreams by building on technologies familiar to your staff.

By choosing a solution with the right integration capabilities, you can realize greater value, faster, from your intelligent mortgage automation solution. And that’s a story worth telling. 

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