What is an accounts payable system?

An accounts payable system is a way to organize invoices and keep track of payments that need to be made on a regular basis. The typical office receives invoices for many different services, and these services can be difficult to track without an appropriate database. A well organized accounts payable system is crucial to ensure that payments are made in a timely manner, and that there is an accurate history of the payments that have been made.

Incorporating scanning into accounts payable

The ability to scan documents has been an important development in accounts payable systems. By scanning documents, you can organize all of your invoices in a single digital database, without worrying about missing a payment due to paperwork that has piled up on your desk. Thanks to character recognition software, you can automatically extract information from scanned invoices and compile it in a spreadsheet, making it easy to schedule and track payments.

Accounts payable scanning software

To get started with accounts payable scanning software, install an appropriate document automation program on your computer. The key is to find a program with accuracy and validation features that will deliver consistent, reliable results. Many users choose Trapeze from SoftWorks AI because it has a reputation for high speed and accuracy. To learn more about the specifications of Trapeze, contact SoftWorks AI Technologies or download a free brochure.