ACORD Forms Processing

ACORD forms processing can be streamlined and made easier with automation software. Processing documents in paper format is disadvantageous and ultimately counterproductive. Paper forms can be damaged or misplaced, and even when they are preserved they take up storage. By automating ACORD forms processing the insurance industry can work more effectively.

How Does ACORD Forms Processing Work?

ACORD forms have various field data within it such as data, type of insurance, policy number, and many others that have challenged the capabilities of prior technology. Modern automation software is fully able to recognize and process ACORD field data through the use of OCR. OCR, which stands for optical character recognition, is essential to ACORD forms processing because it allows the software to identify the necessary data and then extract them. By automating ACORD forms processing human labor and involvement is minimized, allowing for quicker work and maximum allocation of resources.

ACORD Forms Processing Software

Reducing the level of manual labor involved in ACORD forms processing will produce more accurate results in less time. By saving time and money you minimize internal cost, allowing for profits to grow. ACORD forms are standardized for usage by the insurance industry, ensuring that automation software is relevant and has wide application. SoftWorks AI Technologies is a leader in the document capture field and their automation software can deliver quality results.