Automatic Data Capture

Data capture refers to the process of identifying and extracting data from forms and documents. Ordinarily this is done through manual means, requiring employees to spend time going through each form individually. However there is now software available that is capable of performing automatic data capture. Modern technology allows automatic data capture to be quick, accurate, and reliable.

Advantages of Automatic Data Capture

Automatic data capture can be seen as a technology driven solution to document processing. Prior existing technology was unable to accurately process forms such as invoices because of the various fields that such documents contain. Modern automation software uses OCR, or optical character recognition, to identify characters and fields on forms. The required data is extracted and then digitized automatically, resulting in quicker and more accurate document processing. The data can then be saved electronically for access at a later point in time. Automatic data capture will make document work efficient and convenient.

Automatic Data Capture Software

Data capture is an important part of many offices and businesses. Forms such as invoices serve as evidence and documentation of transactions and other critical events, meaning they need to be properly processed. Using manual data entry tends to slow down the process and may result in errors and delays. Automatic data capture will solve all of these problems, providing an automated and electronic solution to document processing. SoftWorks AI Technologies is a leader in the field of automation, and their automatic data capture software is among the best available to the market, capable of processing batches quickly and accurately.