Automated Data Collection

Automated data collection refers to the process of automatically extracting data from paper forms through the use of software. Offices are often burdened with handling papers via manual data entry, which is inefficient since it is slow and tedious work. Workflow tends to slow down wherever paper is involved because even if documents are meticulously organized and stored, time still has to be spent in physically looking for them. In addition to this, paper documents can be lost or damaged. When you use automated data collection you manage to overcome all of these problems.

What Does Automated Data Collection Do?

Any office that scans their documents is already well on their way to automated data collection. The overall transition is one from physical paper work to electronic, digitized files. When you automate tasks such as invoice and forms processing you greatly improve the efficiency of the office. Businesses expend valuable time, money, and employees on manual data entry. Employees have to go through every paper form, identify data, and then transfer it to other forms. With automated data collection, software will automatically perform all of these tasks. Automation software runs on OCR, which stands for optical character recognition. OCR enables the software to read the form and then identify and extract required characters such as letters and numbers. Forms processing that is done electronically are much quicker and more accurate than traditional data entry methods.

Automated Data Collection Software

There is no longer any need to use up resources on manual data entry. In the past, document processing represented a serious roadblock towards achieving total efficiency. Although forms such as invoices are essential to every business it is no longer necessary to waste time and employees on processing them. Automated data collection is powered by OCR, which can deliver results in a manner faster and more accurate than manual document processing. SoftWorks AI Technologies is one of the best providers of automation technology, and their automated data collection software is used by many prominent industry leaders.