One of the biggest issues that offices face is invoice processing. Often it is a slow and time consuming process that is largely error prone. Many offices still use manual data entry to process their invoices, even as they implement technology in other areas to improve business functions. One of the best ways to improve efficiency is to use automation software, such as automated invoice processing for Epicor Prophet 21.

Using Automated Invoice Processing for Epicor Prophet 21

Automation software is extremely useful because it automates invoice processing. Instead of having the accounts payable department manually go through each invoice you can process each invoice automatically as they are received by the scanner. The software uses an OCR engine to recognize the field data on invoices, before extracting the information. In some instances automation can be integrated with existing workflow solutions. One example is automated invoice processing for Epicor Prophet 21, which will improve productivity and processing time.

Benefits of Automated Invoice Processing for Epicor Prophet 21

With automation you can streamline invoice processing by reducing dependency on manual labor. With invoices being processed faster and more accurately you can take advantage of early payment discounts and begin to realize a return on profits. Automated invoice processing for Epicor Prophet 21 is highly versatile and adaptable. You can learn more about this software from SoftWorks AI Technologies. SoftWorks AI has been providing quality document capture technology for over a decade with unmatched results.