Redaction of TIFF files

TIFF is a format that is frequently encountered with scanned documents, because scanners generally output documents as TIFF files. Scanned files can include any type of document or image. Because some of these documents may contain sensitive information that requires high security, redaction software may be needed to limit access to such information.

Important considerations with document redaction

There are different possible ways to approach the process of redacting documents, but no matter how you do it, accuracy is always an important concern. When working with high-security information, you cannot afford to allow sensitive content to slip through the cracks. When picking a document redaction program, be sure to find a tool with an excellent reputation that has been used successfully by previous clients.

Software that can perform automated TIFF redaction

One popular choice for users who work with TIFF files is to convert them into PDF so that you can then handle and share them more easily. Trapeze from SoftWorks AI can redact PDF files, making it an excellent solution for document redaction in general. Trapeze is highly accurate, and is widely recommended by users of the software. To learn more about redacting different file formats with Trapeze, contact SoftWorks AI Technologies.