What is automatic data extraction?

Automatic data extraction is the process of collecting data from scanned documents without any human involvement. In automatic data extraction, the software follows basic guidelines to identify information within data fields in a scanned document, and then copy that into a database or spreadsheet. This type of software is used to accelerate and simplify the processing of forms.

How does OCR work?

OCR software relies on the optical properties of text. It is able to recognize text characters by tracing their outlines, and can therefore convert scanned text into fully searchable information. OCR is used in document automation tools, but it can also be used to make books available online, and for working with scanned text in other contexts.

Get automatic data extraction OCR software

If you want to find data extraction OCR software for your own use, and are not sure which product you should go with, do some research to find out which programs are available. One great tool to start with would be Trapeze from SoftWorks AI. Trapeze is designed to extract data in a wide range of different formats, and it has advanced image processing to deliver the best possible quality. Contact SoftWorks AI for more information about Trapeze.