Automatically Processing ACORD Forms

Processing paper forms is one of the most time consuming and costly tasks that offices have to undertake. Documentation and information sharing are essential to the running of businesses, but the reliance on paper format does not allow for maximum efficiency. Employees have to be relegated to manually going through each form to locate or verify specific information. This is tedious work especially for documents that contain multiple fields, like ACORD forms. Fortunately automatically processing ACORD forms is possible with automation software, saving time and labor.

What Can Automatically Processing ACORD Forms Do?

ACORD is a nonprofit organization that strives to provide standardized documentation for the insurance industry. ACORD forms have various fields such as type of insurance, policy number, date, and many others which are important to both the client and the provider. For a long time manual data entry was the primary method used to process these forms because existing technology could not accurately read the different fields. However with modern automation software, automatically processing ACORD forms is both possible and preferable. Automation software is powered by OCR, which has the ability to recognize characters such as letters and numbers and convert them into text. Automatically processing ACORD forms is quick and accurate because it is able to extract vital data from documents.

Software for Automatically Processing ACORD Forms

Manual data entry is now an antiquated task with the arrival of technology that is capable of automatically processing ACORD forms. Traditional methods of handling documents has proven to be slow, inefficient, and in many cases, inaccurate. Having employees perform manual paperwork is a repetitive task that opens up the way to human error. The information on ACORD forms is critical and sensitive, so any errors will result in negative consequences. You can learn more about and try out software for automatically processing ACORD forms from SoftWorks AI Technologies. SoftWorks AI is a long time provider of document capture technology and their products are known for both quality and versatility.