The need to redact PDF files

Scanned documents, containing many different types of information, are often stored in PDF form, and the contents of these documents can be highly sensitive. Given the ease with which files can be accessed, and the need to share certain parts of the information contained within such documents, it is important to redact files so that only public information can be viewed, while sensitive areas are hidden.

Redacting files in bulk

For organizations that handle a large volume of different documents, with new information coming in on a regular basis, redaction needs to be done in bulk. Done manually, this can take an extremely long time, with a high risk of error. It is often best to take advantage of bulk redaction software, which can hide sensitive information quickly and reliably.

Software that redacts PDF files in bulk

If you know that this is a tool that would be useful for you, and you are having a hard time settling on the right program, look into some comprehensive toolkits that contain redaction alongside other document automation capabilities. One excellent option is advanced document automation from SoftWorks AI Technologies. SoftWorks AI software is ideal for redaction, forms processing, and other types of document management. To learn more about the software, contact SoftWorks AI or download a free brochure.