What is data extraction software?

Data extraction software is based on optical character recognition (OCR) technology. OCR is a tool that can recognize characters within scanned text, thereby making that text fully searchable and editable. Data extraction software is a fantastic tool for working with scanned forms and other structured documents because it allows you to fully automate the data entry process.

Data extraction for financial records

OCR can be used for many different types of documents. Among these are financial records, which are generally uniform in their structure, and vary primarily in the data from one period to the next. Entering financial information requires careful attention to detail, and a single error can result in problems. Because OCR software is best equipped to perform repetitive tasks quickly and precisely, it is far superior to manual data entry.

Best credit card extraction software

The best credit card extraction software for precise, accurate record keeping is Trapeze from SoftWorks AI. Trapeze is a widely used tool because it is known for its high accuracy and can easily be adapted to different types of documents. It is also an excellent high-speed solution for bulk scanning, thanks to its batch processing capabilities. To learn more about using Trapeze for credit card extraction, contact SoftWorks AI Technologies.