Advantages of electronic document capture

There are numerous advantages to replacing data entry with electronic document capture. The most obvious advantage is the time that you save in making the change, completely eliminating the painstaking process of transferring information from forms into an electronic spreadsheet. Additionally, electronic data capture allows you to easily integrate various types of information, such as barcodes, into your text forms.

What to look for in electronic document capture

When choosing the document capture software that you plan to use for all of your automation needs, look out for certain key features that will determine the usefulness of the software. For example, be sure that the bath processing capabilities are powerful enough to handle the volume of documents that you need. Additionally, decide which types of documents you will need to process, and choose a program with corresponding capabilities.

Electronic document capture software

To maximize your document capture capabilities, find a tool that combines high-speed processing with OCR as well as ICR and OMR, at least. Also look into any advanced image processing capabilities that might enhance your results, such as the de-skewing option that Trapeze from Softworks AI offers. Trapeze is an all-around excellent document capture solution that has proven to be excellent for any type of document automation.