Extract Data from PDF using OCR

PDF is one of the most compatible and accessible file formats in use today. It can be used to hold a large amount of information and then shared electronically. PDF files can also be compressed to make them more compact and easier to work with. If you have a PDF that comprises of many pages or holds a lot of content you would have to expend time looking through it. Important documents such as invoices and medical records can be scanned and converted to PDF but you would lose time trying to find information. Fortunately you can extract data from PDF using OCR to improve your working process.

Automated Extraction with OCR

PDFs are known for their ease of use but they do not support simple functions such as searching and editing. This is because PDFs are image files; they are only captured images of the original document. In a business or office setting that has batches of documents in PDF format this would mean manually going through each one just for informational purposes. Automation software can extract data from PDF using OCR. OCR is optical character recognition and can identify characters such as text and letters. OCR first converts the PDF into a text file and then proceeds in identifying and extracting the required data. With data being automatically extracted you save time and resources.

Extraction Software

Automation software can make short work of all your PDFs. Certain documents like invoices require accurate and efficient processing, something that manual data entry does not necessarily guarantee. When you extract data from PDF using OCR you utilize powerful and effective technology. SoftWorks AI Technologies is one of the most experienced providers of OCR and document capture software. Their automation software is powered by the most accurate OCR engine in the market and features a free trial so that you can decide if the product is right for you.