Form Field OCR

Technology such as OCR has made document management easier by making files text searchable and editable. Files that originated from scans are made accessible and convenient, allowing for quicker work. In addition to regular documents, OCR can also work with forms since it is able to recognize various fields. Form field OCR, or automation software is gaining prevalence in businesses.

Advantages of Form Field OCR

OCR, which stands for optical character recognition, is technology that can convert scanned documents into electronic files that are text searchable and editable. The software is able to read scans and recognize characters such as letters and numbers before converting them to text. Using the same concept, form field OCR is able to recognize data fields in forms and extract the necessary information. Processing documents such as invoices, insurance forms, and medical forms are made easier and quicker with form field OCR. Now instead of waiting on manual data entry you can automate forms processing and save time.

Form Field OCR Solutions

Recent developments in OCR have allowed it to accurately recognize and process forms. Previous OCR software was unable to identify the various fields that are found in forms. Form field OCR can help any office increase its efficiency and productivity. SoftWorks AI Technologies is a leading provider of automation software. Their expertise in document management solutions dates back to 1998. SoftWorks AI products are known for their quality, accuracy, and processing power.