What is data extraction?

Offices that receive a constant inflow of uniform paper documents frequently choose to process them automatically in order to save the time and effort of their employees. This automatic processing is called data extraction, as it extracts information from data fields within the scanned file. Document automation software is being used for data extraction more and more commonly in many offices.

Data extraction for invoices

Data extraction is especially useful for invoices because offices constantly receive invoices for a wide range of services, and these documents are fairly uniform in their structure and content. By processing invoices automatically, businesses and organizations can eliminate problems associated with human error. As a result, they get more efficient results while expending fewer resources.

Invoice data extraction software

The effectiveness of data extraction software depends largely on the specific features of the tool that you are using. For a highly dependable, advanced solution, you can try Trapeze from SoftWorks AI. Trapeze can process invoices rapidly, and reduces the risk of error with its validation tool. Trapeze delivers results in a format that is organized and easy to work with. Download a free brochure or contact SoftWorks AI to learn more about Trapeze.