Uses of invoice imaging

Invoice imaging helps automate the processing of invoices, saving businesses time and money. With invoice imaging, you can scan incoming invoices and extract all of the necessary information from them, so that you can remain accurate and on time with your payments. This technology prevents numerical errors and allows you to take care of your payments as soon as the invoices are received.

How invoice imaging works

Invoice imaging uses optical character recognition to identify text within scanned documents. Because an invoice is a structured or semi-structured form, the software can search for text content within specific data fields, allowing for extremely high accuracy. It can then reconcile new information with existing information and you can validate the results to eliminate errors entirely.

Choosing the right invoice imaging software

There are different document automation tools that can be used for invoice imaging, and the quality of the program that you choose is important. The invoice imaging software that you select should demonstrate high accuracy. For many users, speed is also a priority, so take that into consideration. Softworks AI offers Trapeze, an advanced document automation solution that is ideal for invoice processing. Contact SoftWorks AI to learn more.