What makes managing invoices so difficult?

The difficulty of managing invoices arises from the great care that is needed in order to make payments in a timely, accurate manner, and to keep proper records of everything. When trying to keep track of payments that need to be made to a number of different service providers, it can become difficult to maintain an organized database and to ensure that new information corresponds to earlier payments.

Advantages of an automated invoice management system

An automated invoice management system makes the task of processing invoices significantly easier. Document automation tools can use OCR to extract information directly from invoices, eliminating the data entry that is otherwise required to transfer information from a document to a spreadsheet. OCR is so accurate that you can trust it to handle tasks as important as invoice management, without worrying about the accuracy of your records.

Setting up your invoice management system

In order to get started with invoice management, you need to install and set up a document automation solution. A great option would be a tool like Trapeze from SoftWorks AI. This program uses the most accurate OCR engine on the market, and also contains validation features to ensure accuracy of information. If you want to begin using Trapeze, or just want to learn more, contact SoftWorks AI.