OCR Bills

Businesses will typically incur a number of bills or invoices from their vendors and suppliers. These bills are handled by the accounts payable department, which has to process and pay them on time. More and more companies are now turning to automation software to OCR bills, automating the entire accounts payable process.

Why OCR Bills?

The accounts payable department is tasked with sorting through and processing all of the bills, which can be troublesome if many of them are in paper form. Instead of having to manually work through all of those bills you can OCR bills with automation software. OCR, which stands for optical character recognition, can recognize characters such as letters and numbers from documents. Automation software uses this technology to identify the necessary data from bills before extracting them. By automating your bills processing you save an immense amount of time and resources.

Software to OCR Bills

Automation software can greatly improve workflow by freeing up resources. Instead of having a team of employees in the accounts payable department manually processing forms, you now only need one to verify the electronically processed bills. To OCR bills with the best software you should turn to SoftWorks AI Technologies. SoftWorks AI has been in the document capture field since 1998 and all of their products come with a free trial