Can I OCR data entry to reduce manual processing?

You can use OCR to make data entry significantly easier, eliminating the need for tedious manual entry and constant supervision. If your company handles a large number of forms and documents, the best solution for you is OCR. Data entry can be performed by machine, extracting all relevant information and entering it into an electronic database. Additionally, OCR makes all of your files text-searchable, improving organization and accessibility.

What types of industries OCR data entry?

Many industries utilize OCR; data entry is a major component of banking, finance, education, healthcare, and government jobs. All of these fields contain forms and printed documents that are becoming increasingly digitized with improvements in existing technology. To make the transfer from hard copy to digital format, papers need to be scanned and relevant information needs to be extracted. For this type of data entry, many companies use OCR.

Where can I download OCR for my data entry needs?

SoftWorks AI’’s Trapeze automates the entire data entry process, saving you time and money. With this unique solution, you have printed character recognition, handwriting recognition, and barcode recognition, all in one product, as well as advanced features to bring you maximum flexibility. Trapeze can revolutionize the way your office processes paperwork.