OCR Document Management Software

In any business where time pressures are significant and efficiency is important, document management software can help transform the workflow to make it faster and simpler. With OCR-based document management, data entry no longer has to be a major part of your daily responsibilities. Document management software lets you automate the transfer of information from a paper document to a digital spreadsheet.

The role of OCR

The purpose of OCR in document management is to make scanned documents text-searchable. This is a crucial moment in the conversion of a paper document into a digital text file. When a document is first scanned, it can be stored as a digital image, but its contents cannot be processed in any way until it is OCRed. After this, the text can be read by machine and accessed digitally.

Top-rated OCR document management software

It is important for document management software to be based on a reliable OCR engine. This ensures that the text is recognized correctly, and is essential for managing the contents properly. Trapeze from SoftWorks AI is a document automation program whose OCR engine has repeatedly demonstrated its accuracy in software tests as well as in the use of its clients. If you are interested in using Trapeze for your document management needs, contact SoftWorks AI Technologies.