OCR for ACORD Form

Like many other industries, the insurance industry is reliant on paper forms for many of its procedures. The forms often have many different fields that require specific information and need to be filled out properly. ACORD is a nonprofit organization that publishes and provides standardized forms for the insurance industry, and as such they are widely used. However because it is in paper format it presents a challenge to insurers who need to locate or edit the forms. The solution to this would be OCR for ACORD form, which can convert it into an electronic file.

What Can OCR for ACORD Form Do?

OCR for ACORD form can be very beneficial to the insurance industry. A dependence on using paper forms becomes detrimental to business processes as well as workflow because time has to be expended on storing and then searching for documents. OCR is optical character recognition, a type of software that is able to read through a document and then identify characters such as letters and numbers. OCR for ACORD form can recognize all of the various fields, such as date, type of insurance, policy number, and many others. OCR can handily convert the data into text and extract them to a separate file, which is editable and searchable. Now instead of having to fill out a new form to correct it, you can do it instantly on the computer. Searching for specific forms is also made easier since each file is now searchable.

OCR for ACORD Form Software

As standardized documents, ACORD forms see wide general usage. The forms that insurance companies have to handle tend to accumulate quickly. The companies have to be able to quickly and accurately locate forms in order to provide the necessary coverage for their clients. Instead of relying on paper format and risking misplacement or damage to the data you can use OCR for ACORD form software to fill them out. SoftWorks Ai Technologies is one of the foremost providers of OCR technology, and their software can perform OCR for ACORD software easily. You can try out SoftWorks AI products for a free 30 day trial.