How does OCR work?

OCR stands for optical character recognition, meaning that the software uses the optical properties of text characters in order to recognize words and characters on a scanned page. OCR software is able to go through documents and make the contents machine-readable, so that they can be worked with in an electronic format. It can be used for many different documents, and allows many tasks to be automated.

Unique features of OCR for forms

OCR software for processing forms includes some important additional features that enable it to actually extract content and input it into an electronic spreadsheet. In addition to simply making documents text-searchable, OCR for forms uses data fields to extract information from specific parts of the page and classify it based on document type. This enables document automation software to process forms automatically.

Software designed to OCR full forms

Some types of software are specially designed to use OCR technology in order to process forms. When processing forms, the software extracts information from different areas on the page individually, using the repetitive, uniform structure of the forms to organize the data. For OCR of full forms, Trapeze from SoftWorks AI is an excellent solution. To learn more about using Trapeze to automate scanned forms, contact SoftWorks AI Technologies.