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OCR PDF Invoice

What is a PDF invoice?

Invoices can be converted into PDF format for ease of processing. Many offices receive large numbers of different invoices by mail, and need to process all of them in an orderly manner. In order to handle the invoices more easily, some users choose to scan the documents and convert them into PDF files, which can then be processed electronically. This is how a PDF invoice can be created.

Why OCR an invoice?

In general, OCR makes it faster and easier to process an invoice. Paper invoices can get loss, and the work involved in ensuring that all of the information is accurate can be fairly tedious. For this reason, you can use OCR software to enable your computer to recognize the text in your invoice. Special document automation software can use OCR technology to automatically extract information from invoices and compile the data in a convenient format.

OCR software for PDF invoices

When you are choosing software to process your invoices, you should be looking for a document automation tool that uses OCR capabilities to recognize text in scanned forms. Softworks AI offers a document automation solution called Trapeze, which is ideal for invoice processing. Trapeze is unmatched in accuracy, and works extremely fast. Contact SoftWorks AI to learn how you can use Trapeze to process your scanned documents.

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