OCR (optical character recognition) can be used to process a wide variety of documents. Without OCR processing, data entry is a tedious, error prone task that can sap a business’ most valuable resources: time and money. OCR processing is the smart software solution. With OCR processing, the data entry process is almost entirely automated. OCR processing is especially beneficial for businesses that deal with a lot of paperwork on a daily basis, as it greatly reduces the need for data entry employees.

OCR Processing for Forms

Forms processing is an especially good application for OCR processing software. OCR processing software can rapidly convert paper forms to editable digital documents, just like someone performing data entry would. OCR processing software can recognize the text on forms despite their layout, and can produce convenient text files that can be edited and searched. Many businesses are now using OCR processing to automate their forms processing.

Buying OCR Processing Software

Many OCR processing products have free trial versions available for download. This is a good way to evaluate OCR processing software, and also to experience OCR processing first hand. SoftWorks AI’s OCR processing software has a trial version available for download from this page. Try it and you will see the many benefits of OCR processing.