What are semi-structured documents?

Semi-structured documents are documents such as invoices or purchase orders that do not follow a strict format the way structured forms to, and are not bound to specified data fields. However, they follow a common format, making them easier to automate than completely unstructured documents. Semi-structured documents are frequently processed automatically to save businesses time and resources.

Using OCR for semi-structured documents

OCR is essential for the automatic processing of semi-structured documents, because it allows the document automation software to identify text within the documents. OCR recognizes both numbers and letters, enabling it to extract all of the necessary information. To use OCR with semi-structured documents, it is first necessary to scan the documents; the rest is done automatically.

OCR tools for semi-structured documents

The best OCR tool available for semi-structured documents is Trapeze from SoftWorks AI Technologies. Trapeze is ideal due to its ability to work with every type of data, including printed text, handwritten text, and barcodes. Furthermore, Trapeze uses unique validation techniques to reduce the possibility of errors, and to give you the confidence of having all of your information gathered in a complete, accurate database. Finally, batch processing capabilities let you process as many documents as you need, quickly and efficiently. Contact SoftWorks AI for more information about Trapeze.OCR Software Server