OCR Text Extraction

OCR text extraction refers to the process of using OCR software on documents in order to extract text from them. OCR text extraction is also known as document data capture. There are many different types of OCR text extraction solutions available. The best OCR text extraction software solutions are capable of being customized to the documents from which text is to be extracted.

Applications of OCR Text Extraction

OCR text extraction is primarily used for automatic data entry. With the right OCR text extraction software, one software operator can do the work of an entire human data entry team. OCR text extraction software can therefore free employees to work on more meaningful tasks.

OCR Text Extraction Software

Trapeze is SoftWorks AI’s OCR text extraction software. Every Trapeze solution is custom-tailored to fit whatever OCR text extraction task is required. Since Trapeze is custom solution, it provides the best OCR text extraction accuracy possible. Trapeze can also be customized to fit any pre-existing document workflow. You can find out more by downloading the brochure, available by clicking the button above, or by contacting a SoftWorks AI representative.