What is OCR?

OCR, or optical character recognition, is a technology that has revolutionized the processing of paper documents. Increasingly, professional texts and communications have moved into electronic format. However, certain types of documents remain in paper form. OCR allow you to take paper documents and convert them into text-searchable digital files, which you can work with just like any other computer-generated file.

How is OCR used with unstructured forms?

With structured forms, software can isolate the relevant data fields and extract the text that has been entered. However, OCR can make all of the text within a document searchable and editable, so even if an unstructured form does not have pre-defined data fields, OCR programs can still recognize the text. This capability is very useful because it maximizes your flexibility in processing documents electronically.

OCR software for unstructured forms

You can purchase form processing software that uses OCR to help you manage your structured and unstructured forms. One solution that many businesses find ideal is Trapeze from Softworks AI, which gives you the flexibility of being able to process different types of forms, as well as the confidence of knowing that the information in your forms will be entered correctly, and be available when you need it. Contact SoftWorks AI for more information about Trapeze.