What is PDF OCR?

In general, OCR, or optical character recognition, is software that can automatically recognize text within image files, using optical technology to identify characters in documents that are not originally machine-readable. OCR software works very well with PDF files, delivering accurate, high quality results. Many users convert scanned documents into PDF before OCRing them to make them text-searchable.

Using OCR for data extraction

OCR software can be taken a step further in order to actually extract information from scanned documents, rather than dimply making them searchable. Document automation software uses OCR to identify text within data fields and compile it in a convenient, easy-to-read spreadsheet. Data extraction is a great tool for forms, invoices, and other structured documents.

PDF OCR data extraction software

Data extraction software should be based on high-accuracy OCR in order to be reliable. SoftWorks AI offers a data extraction solution called Trapeze. The benefits of Trapeze is that it is powerful, extremely accurate, and simple to use. It also has a wide range of recognition capabilities, including even handwritten text. Contact SoftWorks AI for more information about Trapeze.